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Our History

In October of 2013 three newly friended women with shared ideals, goals and aspirations, dreamed of finding an organization prideful and protective of TRUE SISTERHOOD. One that sought to bring women of similar ideology together to "do good in the community" not just to do good for the sorority. An organization that would change the model of traditional sororities.

Over time, as their friendship and sisterhood grew, these three women would often harken back to that conversation of October 2013, until the fateful day in 2018 when they agreed "It's Time". On that day our founding sorority was born.

 Though we were strong, the founders of Zeta Lambda Mu realized that the structure of the founding sorority was missing two of the key elements that allow a true sisterhood to flourish: LOVE and TRUTH.

After extensive soul-searching, discussion and prayer our founding sorority was restructured in a BOLD new way in order to become the true sisterhood originally envisioned.

So, on July 29th, 2020 a new path was charted towards true SISTERHOOD, LOVE and TRUTH: the foundational tenets of 

Zeta Lambda Mu Sorority, Inc.!

Sorority Name:

Zeta Lambda Mu Sorority, Inc.

Greek Letters:


Founding Location:

Columbus, GA

National Headquarters:

Atlanta, GA

Founding Date:

July 29, 2020

Sorority Motto:

"Service and Sisterhood Above Self"

Sorority Pillars:

Wisdom, Elegance, Service, Leadership, Accountability and Yeve

Sorority Colors:

Lambda Pink, Gold and White

Sorority Mascot: 

The Hummingbird

Sorority Flower: 

Pink Peonies

Sorority Stone: 

Rose Quartz

Sorority Metal: 


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