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Who We Are

Zeta Lambda Mu Sorority, Inc. is a Sisterhood founded on sisterly love, honesty, trust, loyalty and respect.

The Sorors of Zeta Lambda Mu are dedicated to being advocates and catalyst for the advancement of women and families within our community by promoting, advocating and ensuring continued growth, respect and love from within.  ​

We are a growing, but selective Sisterhood of professional women who motivate, support and encourage one another, serve our communities, protect our village and promote the importance of sisterly love and personal self-care.  

Zeta Lambda Mu is a charitable non-collegiate, community based sorority.

Donations and gifts to our Sisterhood are not tax deductible; however, 100% of funds received through donation and sale go toward the administration of our beloved sorority and the projects and initiatives we sponsor and support within our Sisterhood and community. 

While we graciously accept donations to help support our initiatives and community programs, and are extremely grateful for them, please note: purchases, gifts and donations of any kind to Zeta Lambda Mu Sorority, Inc. are NOT tax deductible.​

We believe in our community and the impact your support of our Sisterhood will have on generations to come.

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